We're Byford Locals

We're Byford Locals

TaylorMade IT have provided services to the Byford community since 2016, being local means we can deliver Prompt, Professional & Affordable IT support services to our community.

TaylorMade IT can help you with anything technical, from removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and printers. TaylorMade IT will be able to troubleshoot your problems and provide a prompt solution/resolution.

Here’s a brief summary of the types of services we can provide:

  • Make your computer and internet run faster.
  • Remove viruses and spyware.
  • Configure a network to share files and printers.
  • Configure a cloud backup for your important photos, documents and files.
  • Recover lost, damaged or deleted data.
  • Set up new computers, software and peripheral equipment – either supplied by us with or you can organise your own.
  • Secure your computers and network.
  • Repair laptops and desktops including all the Apple products.
  • Troubleshoot computer software and/or computer hardware issues and provide you with a solution to repair or replace it.

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